Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting the Minotaur Software website.

1. The reason we collect your information

The goal of the Minotaur Software Ltd. web site is to provide information you can use to improve your business, to create awareness of our software products and help you understand what we have to offer and to establish new business relationships. While you can access our web site content without explicitly submitting data, there are some areas in which we’ll request some information from you (for example, when you submit a request for additional information or to arrange a demonstration). We also use a program called Lead Feeder which can provide us with information on who visits our website which we use for outreach to potential customers currently in the market for what we have to offer.

2. What information we collect from you

The demo and inquiry forms collects information you provide such as your name, business, e-mail address, phone number, position in the business and estimated number of users will be asked and tracked in a CRM by Minotaur. The information is used to record our dealings with your company and to analyze trends which will help us create a more effective and rewarding web site.

3. How we use your information

All information collected through Minotaur’s web site will solely be used by Minotaur Software Ltd. and will not be shared with any third parties. If you request information from Minotaur, however, we may provide such information to our employees to use to contact you as you have requested. To protect your privacy and security, Minotaur has implemented appropriate security measures to ensure any information submitted is safeguarded and any unauthorized access will be denied. We appreciate your interest in our company and in receiving information that may help you to select and implement business management software that can make your growth as a company easier.

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