End to End Food Manufacturing Software - Office, Plant, Warehouse

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End-to-end Traceability

Lot numbers can be read from barcodes on receiving or assigned when materials arrive. GS1-128 Labels can be printed for each unit, case or skid. Lot numbers are captured when raw materials are picked for production, so the lot numbers going into a batch or production room are tracked. Your lot controlled finished goods are tied to all raw materials and interim products used in creating that batch. Minotaur containers can ‘build’ skids (group items onto a skid) and create GS1 MH10 skid labels and the accompanying EDI ASN (advanced shipping notice) to send to your customer. Finally, lots are suggested and recorded or scanned as product is picked for each customer order.

Food Manufacturing Focus

Accounting & Inventory

Having your accounting tied live to your operational system means that every transaction posts to the GL in real time. End to end integration means transactions are entered once, reducing admin time and costs, ensuring transactions are recorded in the period in which they happen so your statements tell you what is really going on in your business.

Inventory control can be managed within Minotaur either through computer entry or by scanning with our WMS. The item master file is comprehensive, storing all the information you need about each item including description, batch size, max/min levels by location, item attributes such as allergens, suppliers with lead times, alternate units of measure, photos, nutritional panels and more.

Sales & Marketing

Sales drives business growth. Getting orders right builds your reputation and keeps control of your costs. Manage sales from beginning to end. Minotaur ERP helps you enter orders efficiently and accurately whether you receive them by phone, fax, email or EDI. On the road, sales reps can enter their orders while at the customer using cell connectivity, with up to the minute inventory status, credit status, buying history and more.


Easily know your costs, yields, what raw materials you have, what you need to do to meet your production plan & customer commitments. Creating an accurate landed cost for your items means tying together all freight, duty, brokerage, and extra costs into the cost of your products. Getting in control of your warehouse means your production runs more smoothly. Scan individual unit labels or containerize product into skids, producing pallet labels. 

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End to End Food Manufacturing Software - Office, Plant, Warehouse