Food and Beverage Processing

“Minotaur’s food industry specific software is easy to use yet flexible enough to handle the complexities we deal with as a cheese manufacturer in a managed supply chain dairy environment. Production reporting, accurate costing and lot number control are critical to our operation, and having one system that combines the office functions with the manufacturing has given us easy access to important information to improve efficiencies and grow the business. We made the right decision to partner with Minotaur Software.”

Eric Wallman, Senior VP, Finance and Administration, Bothwell Cheese Inc.

The Minotaur Business System is an ideal tool for food & beverage processors where inventory control, food safety and control over margins is critical.  An end to end solution, helping you better manage your inventory, manufacturing and costs at every step in the process.

Whether you import raw materials and need to incorporate additional costs for freight, duty, brokerage and more into the cost of your raw materials or want to add labour and overhead costs into the cost of your finished products, Minotaur is the easiest way to achieve it.

Minotaur understands that no two days of manufacturing are the same; with shrink and waste varying on a daily basis. If you sell to major retailers or food service brokers, you may be dealing with a number of over and above rebate marketing programs where what you invoice your customer for doesn’t match what they send you in payment. If you life has been dependent on a number of spreadsheets or paper based systems, Minotaur can help you gain control again. Minotaur has integrated, real-time costing because knowing your costs is fundamental to being able to successfully grow your business.

End to End Traceability

End to end track and trace from raw ingredients to finished products can be accessed in a matter of seconds with Minotaur; know where your raw materials were used and which customers received those products.  Most companies need to trace products in one of two ways depending on products produced and specific production processes.

In Minotaur, you can trace your products by specific lot number such as supplier lot, work in progress lot or finished good lots.  In addition, you can trace your products based on production date(s), lines and even shifts. This report will identify items based on the specified criteria plus any subsequent production that crosses multiple days. This helps you fulfill food safety audits quickly and accurately.

Track Allergens, Organic, COR products, and more

Use allergen tracking to improve production controls and enhance customer service.  Avoid recalls due to undeclared allergens.  Flag your items as meeting certain criteria to help ensure any raw materials substituted during the production process meet required.  Easily produce lists for customers of all products you sell that are wheat free or soy free for instance.  The number of allergen type qualifiers is only increasing.  Why rely on manual methods of controlling this very important requirement – Minotaur’s One System Approach is a Better Way.

Quality Control Specifications by Lot

Bring your quality control department into your Minotaur business management system for improved productivity and better information.  Staff can enter product test results against lots of product produced and release select lots of products from on-hold warehouse locations once cleared for shipping. System generated CofA’s (certificates of analysis) can be generated based on the lots of product you ship to each customer. Track product expiration dates and ensure product is used or sold and not written off or discounted.

Built in Unit Conversion by Item

User defined units of measure and conversion factors enable you to easily purchase, manufacture and sell your products in the units of measure you need. Perhaps you buy raw materials by the bag or drum but want to stock it in your system by weight for use in production. Or maybe you invoice product by the kg or lb but your customers order by the case or pail; with Minotaur you can set up unit conversions by  item to remove the guess work, excel spreadsheets and calculators staff may have been using. This give you piece of mind that your quantities will be accurate every time.

Flexible Customer Pricing

Price lists, customer specific or date based promotional pricing all with volume breaks gives you the ultimate in customer pricing flexibility.

Barcode Generation

Minotaur can generate labels with barcodes for your raw materials, work in progress, finished goods, skids, etc.,  including GS1-128 barcodes for complete lot traceability. Labels can be item and/or customer specific including both scannable and human readable information and are created to your specifications and your customers needs.

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