Chemical Manufacturing

Minotaur’s inventory planning module has been instrumental in helping Win Chemicals drastically reduce our inventory while increasing cash-flow.

Greg Weeks – General Manager, Win Chemicals

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The chemical industry has been an area of focus for Minotaur Software since 1985. Whether it is lot number tracking, variable unit of measure conversions, detailed production reporting or order fulfillment, Minotaur has the features and the expertise to simplify the complex and unique requirements of the industry and achieve measurable business benefits.

When you work with Minotaur Software, you can be confident you are working with a company who knows the chemical industry. Minotaur has multiple in-house chemical professionals, including a PhD. in Chemistry and a Chemical Engineer, to help you get the most out of your system. Minotaur staff know our software and have worked in the industry.

Disassembly and Assembly Manufacturing Abilities

Whether you combine raw materials to produce a new product or combine ingredients to produce multiple products such as a main plus bi-product, Minotaur’s manufacturing abilities will help you update inventory, determine yields, calculate costs and manage traceability providing you the information you need to grow your business.

Built in Unit Conversion by Item

User defined units of measure and conversion factors enabling you easily purchase, manufacture and sell your products in the units of measure you need. Perhaps you buy raw materials by the bag or drum but want to stock them by weight for use in production, or maybe you  invoice product by weight but your customers order by the case or pail, you can remove the guess work, excel spreadsheets and calculators staff may be using and have the piece of mind that your quantities will be correct every time.

End to End Traceability

End to end lot track and trace from raw ingredients to finished products accessed in a matter of seconds; know where your raw materials were used and which customers received each lot of finished products. Most companies need to trace products in one of two ways depending on products produced and specific production processes.  In Minotaur, you can trace your products by specific lot number such as supplier lot, work in progress lot or finished good lot.  In addition, you can trace your products based on production date(s), lines and even shifts. Lot trace reports will identify items based on the specified criteria plus any subsequent production that may have extended over multiple days but used any of the identified inputs.

Quality Control Specifications by Lot

Bring your quality control department into your main system for improved productivity and better information management. Staff can enter product test results against lots of product produced and release lots products from on hold warehouse locations once cleared for shipping. System generated certificates of analysis can be automatically produced based on the specific lots of product you ship to each customer.  Track product expiration dates and ensure product is used or sold and not written off or discounted.

Industry Documents

Automatically produce various documents as part of your shipping documents or as needed such as transportation of dangerous goods, Safety Data Sheets (SDS), truck placards, certificates of analysis, product specification sheets and more.

Flexible Customer Pricing

Price lists, customer specific pricing or date based promotional pricing all with volume breaks gives you the ultimate in customer pricing flexibility.

Barcode Scanning and Label Printing

You can use Minotaur to generate GS1-128 labels with barcodes for your raw materials, work in progress, finished goods and skids to your specifications and allowing for complete handheld warehouse management for you and your customers. Labels can be item and/or customer specific including both 1D, and 2D barcodes and human readable information.

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