Meat and Seafood Processing

“We’re now doing eight times the volume we did seven years ago, with little to no increase in people cost. My investment in this solution was an absolute bargain!”

Richard Halenda, CEO of Halenda’s Meats, Ontario, Canada

The Industry

Meat processing can be divided into two segments. Primary Processors (Abattoirs) receive live animals and harvest the meat to a cut/wrap stage or may also do further processing. Secondary processors received hanging sides, or totes or cases and make further processed meat products destined for restaurants or retailers.

Meat processors deal with bi-products that you may use in other products. Costs can change weekly and items are often prices by catch weight so fluctuate batch by batch and animal by animal. Perhaps you offer value added services to your customers such as custom labels or add consumer pricing to the labels you apply for others.

When you work with Minotaur Software, you can be confident you are working with a company that understands the meat industry. With flexible software and a knowledgeable implementation team, you will be able to meet and exceed your goals.

Disassembly and Assembly Manufacturing Abilities

Whether you assemble products such as sausages or burgers, disassemble product when you cut primals or whole animals or deal with multiple days production or consolidation of trim and bi-products,  Minotaur’s manufacturing abilities will help you update inventory, determine yields, calculate costs and manage traceability. With Minotaur’s accounting and order entry/invoicing abilities and handheld warehouse management, you’ll have all the information you need  in one system to grow your business.

From kill floor to further processed items, Minotaur has an end to end track and trace solution. Send auditors on their way quickly, because with Minotaur you’ll prove you can trace what they want in minutes.

Real-Time Plant Floor Production Recognition

Minotaur’s live plant floor weighing and labeling application is an efficient way of recording your production of weighted product, as it is being made. You can typically use your existing scales, with networked indicators, allows you to view orders on the plant floor and produce against those orders. Or, Minotaur can integrate to existing weigh scale equipment with various options include scanning barcodes of produced items, having Minotaur read in information from your weighing and labeling equipment. Record production, update inventory and calculate costs seamlessly.

Handheld Scanning for Warehouse Management

Use barcode scanning to receive industry standard barcode labelled serialized cases from your suppliers, transfer those cases to production and ship serialized cases to your customers.  Eliminate the need for staff to write down the weights of each case and the time required for office staff to add and key those weights for invoicing. Start scanning your properly labelled products for improved accuracy and productivity.

Quick Tip: check out the above video of a Halenda’s Meats warehouse worker quickly scanning as skid of serialized meat cases into inventory. The bingo dabber system they use is simple, yet very effective!

Flexible Customer Pricing

With prices changing so frequently in the meat industry, you’ll enjoy our pricing flexibility; price your products to customers using price lists, customer specific pricing, markup pricing and/or date based promotional pricing, with volume breaks.

Creating Barcode Labels

Minotaur can generate labels with barcodes for your raw materials, work in progress, finished goods and skids, including Code 128 barcodes for catch weight or fixed weight items and serial numbers for complete traceability.  Labels can include your logo and be item and/or customer specific including both scannable and human readable information such as nutritional panel and ingredients.

End to End One-Up / One-Down Traceability

End to end track and trace from raw ingredients to finished products accessed in a matter of seconds; know where your raw materials were used and which customers received those products.  Most companies need to trace products in one of two main ways depending on products produced and specific production processes.  In Minotaur, you can trace your products by specific lot number such as supplier lot, work in progress lot or finished good lots. In addition, you can trace your products based on production date(s), lines and even shifts. This report will identify items based on the specified criteria plus any subsequent production utilizing any identified products.

RFID Ear Tag Reading

RFID Ear Tags are serialized identifiers that your live animals may have upon arrival. With compatible RFID readers, you can receive those animals into your Minotaur system and track that tag number all the way through to cut/wrap or further processing and shipment out to your customers. From custom kill operations to small to mid-sized single animal processors, Minotaur has solutions to aggregate all that information.

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