Is My Company Too Small for ERP?

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March 3, 2019
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We at Minotaur get asked all the time, “How big does my company need to be to benefit from ERP software?”

Like with any tool or equipment you buy for your business, ERP business management software is only useful if you get a return on investment.

Typically, those returns for food specific traceability ERP come in the form of:

  1. Time saved pulling information together from multiple disconnected systems
  2. Time saved in no longer needing duplicate entry of information
  3. Time saved in getting auditors in and out quickly because information is able to be pulled and provided faster
  4. Sales gained from being able to achieve a GFSI certification or pass customer audits because you have electronic traceability
  5. Cash flow improved because you can trust your inventory in the system and can use MRP (materials requirements planning) reports to make better purchasing decisions, and knowing what raw materials you’ll need, when, to meet planned production and customer orders
  6. Customer satisfaction improved because staff can provide stock information right when the order is placed. Plus, you’ll be in a better position to satisfy any fill rate requirements due to better purchasing and production planning
  7. Better costing on raw materials and manufactured products. By tracking purchasing and receiving of raw materials as well as their transformation into interim and finished goods, you can expect to have more accurate finished goods costs available
  8. More timely and in-depth management reports. By having the full flow of purchasing, receiving, manufacturing, storing and shipping of goods, along with customer orders, invoicing and accounting within one system, you can view profitability reports across items and customers.
  9. An ability to scale your business because you’ll have systems in place that can allow you to grow, often without adding more admin staff

We suggest you need a minimum of 5 users between your office, plant, warehouse and mobile workers. Most companies start ERP systems when they have between 6 and 15 users. Also, because ERP includes accounting, you should have a dedicated bookkeeper on staff who understands accounting concepts.

If that sounds like your company, we hope you’ll reach out to us at Minotaur. We only have senior experienced sales staff answering inquiries. We promise to value your time and look forward to helping you evaluate the Minotaur offering for your business.

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