Food & Beverage Processing.

The Minotaur Business System offers Traceability ERP Software to help you manage your office, plant and warehouse. Our software includes:


Trust Your Numbers! Complete inventory control with traceability, and expiry tracking from receiving (including live animal and bulk fish receiving) through processing and out to customers.


Streamline production recognition, weigh/label, and tie inputs to outputs for cost and yield monitoring. Manufacturing at a higher level.

Advanced Options

Simplify order taking, accounting, and management reporting to give you the information you need to grow your business.

An end to end solution, helping you better manage your inventory, manufacturing and costs at every step in the process.


What do you make?

The Minotaur Business System is an ideal tool for food & beverage processors where inventory control, food safety and control over margins is critical. No two days of manufacturing are the same; with shrink and waste varying on a daily basis. Minotaur has integrated, real-time costing because knowing your costs is fundamental to being able to successfully grow your business.

“Minotaur’s food industry specific software is easy to use yet flexible enough to handle the complexities we deal with as a cheese manufacturer in a managed supply chain dairy environment. Production reporting, accurate costing and lot number control are critical to our operation, and having one system that combines the office functions with the manufacturing has given us easy access to important information to improve efficiencies and grow the business. We made the right decision to partner with Minotaur Software.”

Eric Wallman, VP Finance, Bothwell Cheese Inc.

Making your growth easier.

Minotaur offers Traceability ERP Software to help you manage your office, plant and warehouse.

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