ERP Software Champions – But Don’t Take Our Word For It

Staying Connected When Offsite
August 14, 2019
We did it… Again, Minotaur Software places in G2 Awards for ERP software
January 11, 2021

We know you’ve got lots of software choices, so why would you choose Minotaur? One key reason is that we’ve proven we can deliver a consistently high-quality product and service success quarter after quarter, according to our customers.

G2 is a software rating site that showcases a multitude of software brands and makes it easier for businesses to find and compare software options because all reviews are from verified users. Each quarter they announce the leading software programs in a variety of categories, and they have reviews from hundreds of ERP software solutions. Minotaur Software has been featured quarter after quarter and earned placement on the ERP ‘grid’ as a top Niche ERP program.

Since January 2020 Minotaur continues to win G2 awards including:

  • Best Meets Requirement Winter 2020
  • High Performer Winter 2020
  • Easiest to do Business with Summer 2020
  • High Performer Summer 2020

The Q3 results have just been announced and Minotaur continues its success earning the High Performer Award for Fall 2020.

Minotaur can help you manage your business information, from operations (including purchasing, manufacturing, QA and traceability, inventory control & handheld warehouse management), to order entry/invoicing and accounting. Quite simply, food manufacturing and distribution software that works.

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