Diana Distribution uses Minotaur to distribute to Mandarin Restaurants–over 30 locations

Miller and Smith interview about managing imports and allocating lots at order entry
October 3, 2018
L’Orignal Packing uses Minotaur for meat cutting traceability for food service
October 4, 2018

Diana Distribution is the distribution arm of Mandarin Restaurants, Basil Box, and Uncle Bob’s Buffet, which includes over 30 restaurants across Ontario. They use Minotaur at the Distribution Centre, with their franchisees entering their orders for their location directly into a Minotaur order entry screen by day of the week and type of item (frozen, dry goods and refrigerated).

Their screen had to include both English and Chinese item descriptions for the Mandarin Restaurants due to that being the most common language for the Managers ordering from those locations.

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