Commercial Bakeries & Dry Blending.

The Minotaur Business System offers Traceability ERP Software to help you manage your office, plant and warehouse. Our software includes:


Trust Your Numbers! Complete inventory control with traceability, and expiry tracking from receiving (including live animal and bulk fish receiving) through processing and out to customers.


Streamline production recognition, weigh/label, and tie inputs to outputs for cost and yield monitoring. Manufacturing at a higher level.

Advanced Options

Simplify order taking, accounting, and management reporting to give you the information you need to grow your business.

The Minotaur Business System is an ideal tool for bakeries, where low margins and fluctuating material costs make carefully managing profitability very important.


What do you make?

Whether your challenges include varying units of measure, lot control, quality assurance and allergen tracking, dough yields, varying batch sizes, or apportioning dry blends to a variety packaging sizes, when using Minotaur, you will have clear, accurate and timely information available when you need it.

“Before Minotaur, we struggled with managing the vast amount of information duplication as we keyed invoices into our old accounting system and separate web interfaces for our EDI retail customers. Since implementing Minotaur Software’s fully integrated EDI and ERP software, we have seen a significant increase in turnaround time and accuracy. Now, we key the information in just once and let the system do the rest. Minotaur has made it easy to grow our company adding more EDI clients and expanding our brands with partnerships that include Datini Brands, The Bakery Depot, Molisana. Thanks Minotaur for showing us how.”

Antonia Aricci, Controller, Villa Di Manno Bakery

Bake & Blend your way to success.

Minotaur offers Traceability ERP Software to help you manage your office, plant and warehouse.

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